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Top 5 Things to Expect from the Development Team in Scrum

1. All Skills Needed in One Team

The Development Team should be composed of all the skills necessary to deliver business value. The team must deliver a vertical slice of product functionality each sprint. That means those roles must be able to design, develop, integrate, test and deploy a slice of that functionality.

2. Refining Product Backlog

The Development Team is expected to collaborate with the Product Owner and refine the User Stories from the Product Backlog. This includes refining user stories by clarifying the details, adding any additional technical information required and estimating user stories.

3. Plan the Sprint

The Development Team is expected to attend the Sprint Planning with the rest of the team. During this session they collaborate with the Product Owner to establish the Sprint Goal. Based on their capacity, the team loads a subset of the user stories from the Product Backlog that are needed to achieve the Sprint Goal.

4. Inspect and Adapt Daily during Sprint Execution

The Development team is expected to self-organize and execute the work they committed during the Sprint Planning. During the active Sprint, the entire team meets to inspect and adapt during a daily stand-up. During this session, the Development Team inspect progress during the Sprint goal and adapt the plan if needed. They should also communicate any blockers or Impediments to the Scrum Master.

5. Participate in Sprint Review & Sprint Retrospective

At the end of the Sprint the Development team is expected to join the Sprint Review in which they go over the work completed. Usually, the Development Team would demo any features completed to stakeholders. After this session, the internal Scrum team will inspect and adapt their process and performance during the Sprint Retrospective. During this session the development team is expected to participate and discuss openly what they can change to optimize or improve their technical practices or Scrum process.

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