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About The Agile Shop
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Hi, I’m Cristian. I'm a director of program management and an agile coach. I led Agile transformation in both Fortune 500 companies and startups in software development and data teams. My focus is help you learn and implement Agile methodologies efficiently and effectively: the Agile way.  

Cristian Dordea, Founder of The Agile Shop

Our Story


I'm an Agile Coach and Director of Program Management specialized in Agile Delivery in software development and data projects. Over the last 12 years, I worked in multiple tech roles like Quality Assurance, Business Analyst, Product Owner, Scrum Master, Project Manager, Program Manager and Release Train Engineer (RTE). I also consulted for some of the top corporations in automotive and entertainment including Ford, Chrysler, and FOX. Throughout my career, I invested in continuous learning by pursuing Agile delivery certifications including SAFe Practice Consultant (SPC), SAFe Scrum Master (SSM) and Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO).


As my career grew over the years, so did my exposure to different work environments and corporations. After helping 8 different corporations with their Agile Delivery challenges, I noticed 3 consistent gaps. 


First, most agile roles, especially Scrum Masters, had a lot of theoretical knowledge with a large focus on certifications, but were lacking hands-on practical application. Second, there was a lack of broad understanding of the multiple delivery methodologies and when to apply them. I saw many challenges like when it is better to apply traditional project management vs. Scrum vs. Kanban and how successfully apply them. Third, I noticed a growing interest among individuals to join the Agile delivery field in roles like Scrum Master, Agile Delivery Lead, or Agile Project Management, but many of them lacked the necessary experience and struggled with knowing where to start.


Due to these gaps, I’ve seen multiple projects fail across different corporations and industries, leaving individual contributors in these Agile delivery roles demotivated and higher-level managers frustrated. 


Solely focusing on certifications in the Agile Delivery field does not resolve these big gaps.

This is why I decided to combine my passion for learning, Agile Delivery and helping individuals grow to take on this big challenge. This is why the Agile Shop was created. 


Our Approach to the Solution

The Agile Shop approach is to tackle these problems right at their core. We are dedicated to helping individuals launch their careers in Agile Delivery and become well-rounded Agile Delivery Leads and Scrum Masters with expertise across all areas of Agile Delivery. We prioritize staying up-to-date with the latest AI breakthroughs and AI project management tools, ensuring our relevance in this rapidly evolving AI era.


Right from the start, we provide a comprehensive understanding of all delivery methodologies and practical experience on how and when to apply them. Our approach encompasses a blend of live sessions, bootcamps, digital courses, and cutting-edge AI project management tools. These resources are thoughtfully designed to emphasize the practical application of Agile concepts through real enterprise projects, effectively simulating the work environment of large-scale enterprises.


This is my way of giving back and helping others break into this field, as many have helped me in my career as well. Our mission is to help others get into tech and become the best at what they do.


If you want to become a top Agile Delivery candidate, join us! 


Scaled Agile Framework Practice Consultant


Scaled Agile Framework Scrum Master

Certified Scrum Product Owner

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Jira Align.png Core Certified

Jira Align Program 



We're always looking to provide valuable content and lessons-learned. If you have specific request, let's connect at

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